Corporate bonds vis-a-vis bond market: Global economy





Corporate, bond, market, economy, finance

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  • Suresha S Department of Commerce, Krupanidhi Degree College, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Corporations issue corporate bonds, which are then sold to investors as debt to raise capital. Both the firm and the investor gain from this arrangement since the company gets the capital it needs, and the investor receives interest payments at a set or variable rate. Even in the early aftermath of the financial crisis, it is conceivable to consider corporate bond markets as a vital component of economic development, financial stability, and economic recovery, especially in the short term. A vital source of capital financing, they give companies the funds they need to expand and develop, create jobs, and offer the products and services that society requires to prosper. Following the global financial crisis, structural changes in the financial industry have boosted the demand for liquidity among corporate bond investors to levels well over the market’s capacity to provide it during stressful periods, as this research found. To get a whole picture of the corporate bond market, this research looked at all phases of growth as well as the connection between the corporate bond market and the rest of the global economy.

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S, S. (2023). Corporate bonds vis-a-vis bond market: Global economy. The Scientific Temper, 14(03), 1014–1019.


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