Dr. P N Tripathi, Editor-in-Chief at his alma matter, the Allahabad University, India


Prem Narayan Tripathi, Professor and Head, Zoology Department, K S Saket P G College, Ayodhya, (Dr R M L Avadh University, Faizabad), graduated from Zoology Department, Allahabad University, has carried out his PhD on Neuroendocrine organs and Neurosecretion under Prof K C Pandey the then Vice-Chancellor of Meerut University. Dr P N Tripathi is the first JRF NET holder of the Zoology Department, Allahabad University in 1985. His special areas of interest for research are Insect Ecology, Sericulture, Endocrinology, Fish Biology, and Seribiotechnology. He has a teaching experience of 20 years, (since 12-2-2001 at K S Saket College, Faizabad and before this- at Lucknow and Meerut University since 1994 in various capacities). He is actively engaged in updating knowledge and making associations and attended 07 (in the last five years) seminars/conferences. He holds the position of General Secretary at the Academy of Innovative Research, Ambedkarnagar. Dr P N Tripathi has a complete dedication to teaching, research and writing and in this way, he loves his profession very much. He teaches U. G. and P. G. level students at K S Saket P G College, NAAC-B++ [U G strength approximately 2000, P G strength, approximately 80]. Ten Students have already been awarded Ph D degrees under his supervision. He has been associated with Tasar Silkworm, Antheraea mylitta for last 20 years and is actively working on the various aspects of sericulture, biology, ecology and neuroendocrinology of this insect. He has several publications in this field to his credit in National and Foreign Journals. A few of them have a worldwide citation. He has completed one minor research project and one major research project from UG C. He has a Membership/Fellowship in two Academic Bodies and is a Member of the Editorial Board of four Journals. He is the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the journal The Scientific Temper, ISSN 0976-8653, He is also involved in Science Popularization and promotion of SCIENTIFIC TEMPER (our Fundamental Duty, Article 51-A Constitution of India) among 10+2 students and for this he regularly delivers a lecture, organizes poster, debate etc. in association with UP CST, Lucknow, and AIR. Presently as Head of the Zoology Department at K S Saket P G College, Ayodhya, Faizabad, he has been managing and coordinating the Department very efficiently with Teaching, Technical and Non-teaching Staff Members so that everybody can give his full potential for the Development of the Department and the betterment of the student’s future.

Dr Prem Narayan Tripathi is the Printer, Publisher, and Owner of The Scientific Temper

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