Help and Assistance

Academy helps you in many ways; such as-

1. Project preparation and submission to funding agencies,

2. Thesis and Synopsis guidance.

3. Effective Pre Ph D viva, seminar and symposia related helps.

4. Research paper writing guidance for high impact factor international journals.

고 영향도 국제 학술지를위한 연구 논문 작성 지침.

5. Review and correction of English grammar and composition in Research papers and thesis at a very low cost.

연구 논문 및 논문에서 영어 문법 및 작문을 매우 저렴한 비용으로 검토하고 수정합니다.

Instrumentation and research facilities provided by the Academy of Innovative Research at a very low cost-




Paraffin Microtomy

Ph Meter

Water analysis kit

Water quality assesment -pH, turbidity, plankton population, heavy metals, BOD, Identification of specimens, study of population dynamics in large population, genetic drift in small population, diseases related with consanguineous marriage  and pedigree analysis etc research based support is provided to industries, organizations, countries and individuals.

We do not work for pharmacy colleges and pharma industries.

Note: Feel free to work with us. It is confidential